What If Pop Songs Were About Food?

What If Pop Songs Were About Food?

Here's your inspiration to write a food song! XD Enjoy XD

Food Song Contest :DEdit

Hey there food lovers! Guess what? We're making a contest to see who can write the best song about food! Details will be added soon, but go ahead and tell everyone about the contest! And remember, this contest is not supposed to hurt anyone's feelings. If you don't win, don't worry! It's not personal! It's just a fun contest! 


We will try to get as many people invloved as possible. And yes, admins can enter a song too :D Everyone can participate!

Reward: TBA 


  • NO CHEATING! We probably will realize if you copied off someone elses or copied some lyrics from a real song.
  • Your song has to have AT LEAST 7 sentences.
  • You can only submit one song.
  • If you don't win, don't worry! This is just for fun!! 

Deadline for Song: TBA


Please submit your song below. Under your song, please put your username. :)

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