Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Fruit

Everyone loves Fro yo, and everyone loves going out to fro yo places! :D 

Fro Yo Lovers :OEdit

Let's face it, we love going out for Fro Yo! It's so good! 8D Put your name here if you like Frozen Yogurt! 

  • Melody (SO DELISH 8D)
  • KLA (It's good stuff. :D)
  • Corey (SO AMAZING I LOVE IT :DDDDDD <3333)
  • Liz (just perfection!)

Frozen Yogurt Resturants!Edit

We love going to the variety of Frozen Yogurt places; there are so many to choose from! Put your faves here!: 

Pink Berry! 

Menchies!!! :O 

Yogurt Land!! 8D 

Fro Yo GalleryEdit